*Brought in $600,000+ of federal, private and internal funding as Principal Investigator:

Water balance analyses for crop insurance development in Thailand (ListenField; PI: Ines) (2019-2020)

Enhancement of the RHEAS Capabilities for Monitoring and Forecasting of Seasonal Rice Crop Productivity for the Lower Mekong Basin Countries (NASA/SERVIR with NASA/JPL; MSU PI: Ines) (2019-2022)

Development, testing, and implementation of low-cost and effective in-situ soil moisture sensor for Citizen Science (NASA/JPL; PI: Ines) (2019-2020)

Climate information services for generating operational cropping calendars (UPLBFI/Columbia U; PI: Ines) (2019)

Development of a Decision Support Model for the Management of Fungal Ear Rot and Associated Mycotoxin Contamination in Corn Grain (MI Corn; PI: Ines; Co-PI: Singh and Chilvers) (2019)

Improving Irrigation Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Michigan using Remote Sensing Techniques (AgBioResearch/PSM; PI: Ines) (2017-2018)

Calibration of Rice Crop Growth Model in Japan (ListenField; PI: Ines) (2017-2018)

Evaluation of Soil Moisture Sensors for SMAP Validation (NASA/JPL; PI: Ines) (2017-2018)

Monitoring and Forecasting Drought and Crop Yield for the Lower Mekong Basin (NASA/JPL; PI: Ines) (2016-2019)

Water Security under Climate Risks: A Philippine Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Agriculture Sector (USAID/UPLBFI/Columbia; PI: Ines) (2015-2017)

CAMDT-GIS Development and Applications (MSU; PI: Ines) (2015-present)

High-resolution DSSAT-compatible Soil Database for Africa based on AFSIS (IFPRI/Columbia; PI: Ines) (4/2015-9/2015)

East Africa Drought and Agricultural Productivity Assessment (NASA/JPL; PI: Ines) (2015-2016)

Crop Growth Simulation in Hokkaido/Japan using DSSAT. Phase IV (Chubu U; PI: Ines) (2015-2016)


CAMDT: Climate-Agriculture-Modeling and Decision Tool (Python) (A collaboration with IRI/Columbia University) GitHub

NMCGA – Noisy Monte Carlo Genetic Algorithm for Parameter Estimation and Scaling Agro-hydrological Models and Soil Hydraulic Properties (Fortran)

FResampler1: Links tercile-based seasonal climate forecasts with crop and soil water balance models (Fortran)

Tomorrow’s Rice: A web-based crop simulation system for rice. A collaboration with Chubu U., AIT and ListenField Co. How to use video demo.

Multiple Regression Tool for Crop Predictability Analysis (Fortran)

GCM Bias Correction Tool for Cropping System Modeling (Fortran)

Quasi-analytic Tool for Modeling Solute Transport in the Soil Profile (Fortran)

VACC – A vulnerability assessment tool for agro-forestry crops under climate change (Fortran)

H20_Balance_Polygon_V01a – A polygon-based regional crop water balance model (Fortran)

predictWTD – A tool for predicting crop yields at different lead-times in the growing season (Fortran)


Columbia University

International Research Institute for Climate and Society

IRI Climate Forecasts

High Resolution Global Soil Database for DSSAT

Vadose Zone Group (Texas A&M University, TX)

IRI Data Library (Columbia University, NY)

Ingrid-Soil Plant Water Balance Model, slides.

Advanced Ingrid-Soil Plant Water Balance Model built for Bicol, Philippines (USAID/UPLBFI)

VACC-Philippines Datasets and Maps, slides (USAID/ICRAF)