01/30/2020: Dr. Amor Ines and Mr. Josue Kpodo presented the new CAMDT Corn DON, a decision support model for managing fungal ear rot and associated mycotoxin in corn during the Great Lakes Crop Summit. We thank the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan for funding the work. Co-PIs and team members of the work include Dr. Mani Singh, Dr. Marty Chilvers, Dr. Eunjin Han (IRI/Columbia University) and Dr. Prakash Jha. We thank Katlin Fusilier for providing the field data used in model development and testing.

01/01/2020: New paper alert! Dr. Virgilio Manzano Jr., Dean of Graduate School, Mariano Marcos State University, Laoag City, Philippines, published a paper excerpt from his Fulbright Exchange Program in the US. Dr. Amor Ines, hosted Dr. Manzano at IRI/Columbia University in 2014.
Manzano, V.J.P. Jr. and A.V.M. Ines. 2020. Downscaling Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Risks Management for Rice Production in the Philippines. Indian Journal of Science and Technology. 13: 23-39.

12/18/2019: Congratulations to Dr. Prakash Kumar Jha for successfully completing his Ph.D. program at MSU! We wish him all the best for his new assignment as a postdoc at Kansas State University starting January 2020. Carry the #AASM torch, Dr. Prakash!

9/9/2019: Testing low cost soil moisture sensors for citizen scientists and GLOBE partners.

9/9/2019: AASM Lab welcomes Dr. Narendra Das of NASA/JPL at MSU this week. Dr. Das will be working with the AASM team to test the new generation of low-cost soil moisture, soil temperature sensors at MSU Agronomy Farm. This work is funded by NASA Citizen Science Program.

5/31/2019: Hot off the press! Han, E., Ines, A.V.M. and J. Koo. 2019. Development of a 10-km Resolution Global Soil Profile Dataset for Crop Modeling ApplicationsEnvironmental Modelling and Software. 119: 70-83.

4/15/2019: Congratulations to Prakash Kumar Jha (Ph.D. Candidate) for being awarded by Asian Studies Center a Delia Koo Endowment Summer Fellowship, and a Summer Critical Needs Fellowship by the CANR Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

2/20/2019: Congratulations to Prakash Kumar Jha (Ph.D. Candidate) for being awarded the 2018 Young Scientist Award during the 4th National Youth Convention, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

1/11/2019: Congratulations to Dr. Amor Ines (PI) and his Co-PI’s Dr. Maninder Singh and Dr. Martin Chilvers for their MI Corn funded proposal on Development of a Decision Support Model for the Management of Fungal Ear Rot and Associated Mycotoxin Contamination.

1/11/2019: Prakash Kumar Jha (Ph.D. Candidate) presenting his poster Understanding Water Use of Cropping Systems in Southwest Michigan Using Remote Sensing at the 2019 Stewardship Network Conference, Kellogg Center, MSU.

1/7/2019: Congratulations to Abhijeet Abhishek for completing his M.Sc. degree at MSU last Fall 2018! We welcome him as new Ph.D. student of AASM this Spring 2019! He will continue working in our NASA-SERVIR funded project on Monitoring and Predicting Drought and Agricultural Productivity in the Lower Mekong.

12/10-14/2018: AASM Lab presenting at AGU 2018 Fall Meeting in Washington, DC. Dr. Amor Ines also Chaired a session Toward Better Understanding of the Impacts of Climate Variability on Agricultural Decision Making and Longer-term Adaptation with Dr. Lyndon Estes (Clark University), Dr. Sharon Gourji (NIST) and Dr. Eunjin Han (IRI/Columbia University).

10/29/2018: Prof. Juan Yin of Civil & Water Conservancy College of Ningxia University, joined the Applied Agricultural Systems Modeling Lab as a Visiting Research Scholar for one year.

10/1/2018: Eeswaran Rasu (Ph.D. student) presented a poster Temporal Stability of Soil Moisture Across Long-term Agricultural System Experiments at the LTER All-Scientists’ Meeting at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove California.

9/28/2018: First Fall 2018 Semester Group Meeting. Abhijeet Abhishek (M.Sc. studentpresenting his work on Drought and Agricultural Productivity Monitoring and Prediction in the Lower Mekong River Basin using RHEAS.

4/27/2018: Eeswaran Rasu (Ph.D. student) was awarded a travel grant to attend an NSF-supported Short Course on Thermo-TDR Sensors at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC on June 7-8, 2018.

3/27/2018: Eeswaran Rasu (Ph.D. student) has been awarded a KBS LTER 2018 Summer Fellowship, with his proposal – Physical Controls and Stability Analysis of Soil Moisture Across Different Agricultural Systems. Congratulations!

3/24/2018: Prakash Jha (Ph.D. student), has been awarded Best Poster (Scientific Merit and People’s Choice Award) during the 2018 ESPP Symposium at Kellogg’s Conference Center.

2/3/2018: Prakash Jha (Ph.D. student) published a paper in Field Crops Research.

1/30/2018: Dr. Amor Ines received a Distinguished Alumni Award during the 40th Foundation Anniversary of his Alma Mater, Mariano Marcos State University, Batac City, Philippines. He was one among the 40 Distinguished Alumni who received the award.

12/13/2017: Dr. Amor Ines chaired a session Toward Better Understanding of the Impacts of Climate Variability: From Ecosystem Processes to Agricultural Adaptation and Decision, and presented a poster entitled The Climate-Agriculture-Modeling and Decision Tool (CAMDT) for Climate Risk Management in Agriculture at 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA. The session was co-chaired by Dr. Sharon Gourdji, National Institute of Standard and Technology, Dr. Lyndon Estes, Princeton University (now at Clark University), and Dr. Jeff Atkins, Virginia Commonwealth University.

11/10/2017: AASM group meeting with MSU collaborators to discuss project progress and future proposals on Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration and Water Management.

11/9/2017: Abhijeet Abhishek (M.Sc. student) installing soil moisture sensors at MSU Agronomy Farm for the NASA/JPL Citizen Science Project.

10/27/2017: Prakash Jha (Ph.D. student) presented Parameter Estimation of Improved Rice Varieties in the Philippines using GENCALC, GLUE and NMCGA. ASA-SSSA-CSSA Annual Meetings, Oct 22-25, 2017, Tampa, FL.

10/27/2017: Eeswaran Rasu (Ph.D.student) presented Modeling Water Management Options for Lake Buhi in Bicol River Basin of the Philippines Under Climate Change Scenarios. ASA-SSSA-CSSA Annual Meetings, Oct 22-25, 2017, Tampa, FL. His travel was funded by Interdisciplinary Conference Funding for ESPP Specialization and MSU Doctoral Students award.

10/11/2017: Prakash Jha (Ph.D. student) presented his poster Understanding Cropping Systems Dynamics in Southwest, Michigan at the Kellogg Biological Station LTER-All Scientists Meeting, Oct. 6-7, 2017, MSU. Jha received a KBS Fellowship last summer.

9/14/2017: NASA/JPL Citizen Science Project: Installing NASA/JPL soil moisture sensors at MSU Agronomy Farm.

7/16/2017: As a part of the activities of MSU Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship, Dr. Ines and Dr. Jeff Andresen visited ListenField, Co., Japan (with Dr. Kiyoshi Honda and Dr. Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun) to foster collaboration.

7/11/2017: As a part of the activities of MSU Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship, Dr. Ines and Dr. Jeff Andresen visited The University of Tokyo, Japan, to foster and start new collaborations.

7/5/2017: As a part of the activities of MSU Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship, Dr. Ines and Dr. Jeff Andresen visited Chubu University, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan to foster collaboration (with Chubu University President, Dr. Osamu Ishihara , and Dr. Kiyoshi Honda).

6/14/2017: 1K Downloads Milestone: High Resolution Global Soil Database for DSSAT Crop Models downloaded 1000 Times! The soil database was developed by Eunjin Han (IRI/Columbia University, MSU adjunct Asst. Prof.), Amor Ines (Michigan State University), and Jawoo Koo (International Food Policy Research Institute).

6/5-9/2017: Dr. Narendra Das, Research Scientist, NASA-JPL, visited AASM Lab to work with us on our NASA-SERVIR-Mekong project.

6/7/2017: Dr. Narendra Das, Research Scientist, NASA-JPL, presenting a seminar at the Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Department on New SMAP/Sentinel Soil Moisture Products

6/5/2017: Dr. Narendra Das, Research Scientist, NASA-JPL, going to taste the best ice cream in the world!

4/7/2017: Congratulations to Eeswaran Rasu, for being awarded a C.S. Mott Pre-doctoral Fellowship!

Eeswaran Rasu

3/25/2017: Congratulations to Rassarin Chinnachodteeranum for finishing her Ph.D. at Chubu University, Japan. Kudos Dr. Rassarin!

preparing UAV

3/20/2017: Congratulations to Dr. Eunjin Han for being promoted as Associate Research Scientist at IRI/Columbia University, NY. Kudos Dr. Han!

Eunjin Han doing field work in Indiana

3/16/2017: Congratulations to Prakash Jha, for being awarded 2017 KBS LTER Summer Fellowship!

In-situ sensing in the field by PJ

11/16/2016: Congratulations to Dr. Amor Ines for being selected as one of the 2017 Academy for Global Engagement Fellows! 

The cool PI